Sunday, February 19, 2012

you look so happy when i see ya

got a gig 2/27 at charlies with dann webb & the spiders, and fake boys.
heres a flyer for march 5:

there might be some shirts and pins soon, but who knows.

lets us gig at your gig :

Friday, January 27, 2012


all of a sudden we're gigging on the reg.
2/3 at box fort w/ sneeze, ex magicians and procession
2/11 at obriens w/ no fun, dig safe and bar sinister
2/27 at charlies w/ dan webb & the spiders
3/10 at wwta w/ inhalers and bugs and rats

we're like out of the nude demon tape. we got some new songs. they're called mundee and kennel. hopefully they will be on a new tape soon, maybe a split with no fun. 

here's a review of nude demon from this month's mrr:

uh yeah so there's that.
and you can download that for free obviously at